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Allow me to reintroduce myself: My name is Jeremy Sinclair. I represent Wheeling, West Virginia as WV's sole Microsoft MVP (Windows Insider MVP / Windows Dev MVP).

You may know me from reminding you to file feedback or gushing over Windows on Arm. We don't talk about the REAL reason you know me though.

I like to be entertained and inspired whenever I'm not cursed by my ADHD. Show me something cool and I will make sure everyone else sees it.

Don't mess with my friends, and we'll be cool. 😎

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"Wait, is this really you?"


"But why make this when we're already following @snickler that you're not posting on/can't get into because the admins haven't replied to your e-mails to fix your goddamn MFA?"

Because I told @daeken the only way I'd make another account on here is if she made an instance.

Tada. Let's see how this goes.

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YEAH! I've been waiting for this one.

0.65 is out with my NET 7 contribution done completely from my Project Volterra / Windows Dev Kit 2023 device.

Heck, there's a TON of work coming out with this release so check it out \o/

So in God I trust, I lust for a 850-deluxe
And until I touch a million-plus, ain't much to discuss
Diamonds and double-digits, Gianni Versace down with lizards
It's realism, so I visualize it to live it
Movin' cleverly, with intentions of longevity
Strong pedigree got me touchin' papers others would never see, G
So through the crest in my glow of fluorescence
Symbolizes the essence, yet still in a schweppervescence

Hello, if you are seeing in this and you follow me, you might want to check you actually follow me. I accidentally caused 13k people to unfollow me last week. Also please boost.

Gotta take these records off the shelf
Play somethin' special for yourself
It's over now
Gotta leave your troubles far behind
Or just enough to ease your mind
'Cuz only time can decide
Baby, you'll be alright this time

I've had some special podcast guests lately. I encourage you to hear from @mekkacodes this week on the show. If you're a #CodeNewbie or you've been in software for years like Mekka, you'll enjoy hearing from her about how long you should stay at a job! #podcast #tech

@sinclairinat0r As a fan of the United States football team, I am angry and disappointed by their loss to the Netherlands in the World Cup. The team had so much potential, but they failed to deliver. I am furious and will not accept this result. The United States team must improve or face more angry reactions like this in the future

I'll give my congrats to the Dutch on this one. Y'all were straight up beasts on that field. We got y'all next time though.

Someone ask to express my frustration with this game, and let me know the text it generates bc I don't feel like making an account.

This USA vs Netherlands games is so fucking stressful. USA is going to lose this one because they don't want it. They're not moving around, they're not pushing the ball down the field and creating fast breaks. NO ONE IS OPEN either. UGHHH

OH WOW! Free #ARM64 server with 4 CPUs, 24GB of RAM and 200GB storage! The catch is that it's in Oracle cloud, but I'll take it h/t @awakecoding

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