Ayeeee I'm starting to see come through with 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Keep coming through, because we ain't bout to have this joint looking like 90s-2000s internet.

It's time to see just how accepting and inclusive this place is.

But I really want to stress something - If you want Black people on here, don't go trying to silence our voices and silo us. We're going to be real and keep it 💯. Can't talk smack on Twitter and then treat us worse on here.

Definitely need y'all to keep that in mind.

@sinclairinat0r So far all I have heard is how UN-accepting we are here to black voices.

My personal mission here is just to shut up and listen. I hope that those initial impressions prove to be false. But what do I know?

@sinclairinat0r tbf i don't think it's on purpose for many in infosec/tech, but yes i agree, let's start fresh here.

@sinclairinat0r please help me understand, how do people silence your voice on Twitter or Mastodon? For my part I'm happy to see you again here. 👍

@ActiveNick @sinclairinat0r

it's not an active silencing per se. but because to be in tech, and especially infosec, you need to start with at least a little privilege. that part is where the systemic representation issues start in tech. that all starts to become multiplicative and so keep the cycle of privilege going. the point is to highlight PoC and minority voices to break the cycle.

HOWEVER, there are some pretty overt and covert fucking racists in tech.

@ActiveNick @sinclairinat0r Well, as I understand it, some of it happens with questions like this, which require black folk to constantly explain and defend their own experiences. It's not the most acute or the most intentional quieting, but if you post something and you get 1-4 probing questions every time, you end up starting to decide not to post.

@ActiveNick @sinclairinat0r I’m not Black, but I can boost:

If you’ve seen the #CW debates all November, that started when BIPOC were told to CW their lived experience for the comfort of others.

They’ve also been getting buried with people saying “but I haven’t seen any racism.” Or been told there can’t be racism here because Nazis get blocked.

Basically being talked over, microagressed, and asked to stay invisible. On top of actual Nazi harassment.

@sinclairinat0r SO good to see y’all giving this platform a try. Happy to help get some channels open by following, boosting…and listening.

@sinclairinat0r When I saw you I was happy and I thought, that's someone I know 😊😁 [proceeds to follow]

@sinclairinat0r I love it here. I have #TopicsOfDiscussion that people participant in about racism. I don’t us CW when posting.

@sinclairinat0r Please boost these folks liberally. I am seeking folks to follow. I don’t want to be trapped in a white bubble either.

@williamslauram Yeah, definitely boosting because it's looking like a normal day at wrok on here 💀

Sophomoric reply not posted. I hereby award myself a gold star.

@sinclairinat0r followed, boost those voices because black twitter is pretty much the only thing I don't wan tot die on that platform.

@sinclairinat0r I’m glad you’re here, and I’ll listen to what you have to say. I’m here to learn, understand and grow.

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